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want to get the shot" shot" tte other ways maryland reeidents re trying 3 3 aacrime ccught on camera. &p 3 i turneddaround andd oom, he was all the way doon to the alley and turned left!" &pleft!"the picture police hope will catch a catonsville burglar. burglar.a big warm-up for the weekend.hoo high temperaaures will o anddwhen rain couldd return in my skkwatch forecast. forecast.and demand for all ray."it's bben non stop since - heeannounced he's etiring retiringhow he's gotten the 3 before the big game. 3 helll... 3 'm... jeff barnd. and i'm jennifer gilbert. giibbrt.first tonight... 3 arundel ounny county4... pedestrians were hit../.near... the intersection... of... route 100 east.../ & and... - quarter-ffeld road... n... glln burnie &p3 police... were still at the four...
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pedesttians.../ -& including three teenagers.../ were trying to cross... qqarter--ield... hit,.../all ... have been... hospitalized../. and one of the teens ... & has... life threatening injuries...//. remained at the scene...//. &ppolicc... are still nvestigating 3 this... yyaa.../the... flu... ii... hiiting fast... and early...// with... deaaly results resultssere's the latest map from the centers for disease in brown...face widespread flu outbreak 3 so far... there haveebeen 22 flu elated deaths in minnesota... minnesotaa..18 deaths in both peensylvania and massachusetts hospptals in boston report á15--- hundredá emergency room visits since december. december.and 18 children have &pdied naaionnide 3 the situation is so bad... some places are runniin out of the vaccine.the town of somerville -- just outside of boston - an out of its 3 there says lloal doctors and -3 drug stores ádoá still hhve some. curtatone says: "so there is ample supply right now in the pommunity, but we will cootinue tooacquire additional
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vaccines." 3 in texas, the dallas coonty health department just got a new batch of vaccine to ápreventá the flu. while the prescription drug to áfighhá the illness onceeyou've got in short supply 3 the largest flu vaccine provider n he u.s.. has sold four of it's ssx formula''souu. but the c.d.c says there's still enough vacccne to go around. 3 this... strain... is strong.. / and... can linger....// in... - fact, .. he virus... can last... up... to... 8---hours ... on... metallor plaatic..../, has more... on what measures... people re taking... to... protect themselves. 3 on north caroline st. ... (family shot) "were getting -3 the flu hot todaa" we find the givens family.... (little - girl)(squeels)and dad is 3& clean wave wand.. uvc spectrum wand...kills germs and bacteria.. zip" they are coming to this health clinic
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cllse)"i definitely want to get the shot"but say they also have this device for protection. (dad)"ya have to shake it so the light will come onn.." (closer)"and its acttally cooking the germs"at sinai hhspital:we ask if the &pwand can help:(dr matthew smith er dr at sinai hospitaa) (dr)"it mayybe beeeficiall. i probably pouldn't recommend ttat for -33 routine use to preventt infection its good old conttcts.. if you eel sick.. &pstay home"this emergency room is illed with flu patients: "its one of the worst yearsswe &phave seen in a while. it started early its peakiig early lots oo caaes. "it's the & h-3, n-2 strain, which can hit hard... and inger longer in pptienns... (city health commissioner dr. oxiris are innthe ffu shot this yearr & are actually eally well & matched to the current flu we are seeing.."in east balttmore. (voice 3 flu.(solomon selby)"its gonna pass me by its like every - yeer.. last year i didnt gee it.. cause i toookthe flu shot, uh huh!"
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3 and the givens family hopes... thee wont catch the flu either... in east balt kc fox 3 45 news at 10 3 to... find locations... offerinn flu ssots.../ 3 fox-baltimore dot om slash newslinks 3 3&pnew developments in the case killing 12 peoppe during a &pcolorado movie thhatre.a judge ii the case says theee is enough evideece for james holmes to face trial on more &&pthan 1600felony counts. holmes ii due in court -3 tomorrow but his defense & atttrneys say he's not ready -3 to enter a plea. 3 also new evelopments the shooting at a californii high school.a 16 -year- old boy remains in critical condition tonight... after being shot by a fellow student... with a a high sccool near looking at the outsideeof the 3&pevaauateddthe gunnan s in
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custody... he has not been &pnamed of the teaccers apparentlyytalked the gunman nto dropping his weapon... afterrthaa teacher 3 talk of gun control started afterrthe schoollmaasacre in connecticut.vice president joe & piden et with the n-r-a today. the things the n-r-aasays it will ánotá supportin our cover 3 3 baltimore... back...//.looking... p for... the person....who shot... a... man. ... in... east baltimore baltimorepolicee.. were on the scene... shortly... before noon... &p at... east hoffman ...and... north... chesser streets...//. a... man... was found... shot in the neck... and... back...//.he... was aken to the hospital,.../ where... his condition... s unknoww....// .no... word ...on a susppcttor motive. -3 3 a... would--e ...burgllr... is... & on.,.. the run.../ and... we.../ have... hii picture....// the... victim... 3 phone... / before ... 3 get way....// eith daniels...streaming , live... in caaonsville .../ & where... the ordeaa... has the neighborhood .... fighting back.. keith. keith. jeff..... road nearredmondson aaenue.....
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people here ccll it a -3 quiet place to live.. and -3 relatively crime-free. buu tonight, bold burglar has shaken things up. up. & 3 baltimore county poliie say they need the pubblc's help identifying this man....he's described as a blackkmale, 40-to-50 years old, 5- feet-8-inches tall.. and 220 pounds. investigators saa he tried using hhdge trimmers or olt cutterssto break into last wednesday fternoon.. but the man who livvs there that's when the resident pulleddhisscell phone. neighbors say the suspect tried explaining his actions to the victim.. beforeerrnning away. -3 away. 3 (mr. bulsonn "he told him that he was on ddugs ann he had a drug problem.. but then -3& right aater he took that picture, i think ii dawned on him that he took the ppcture of him.. and he took off like, - like somebody covvred him withh &phot water. i turned around
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and boom, he wws all the way doon to theealley and turned left!" 3 if yoo have any information the uspect's identity or wherabouts call metro crimestoppers.. that number is 1-866-7-loccup...and remember you can remain anonymous aad could get a cash reward of up to $2-thousand dollars. llve in catonnville, keith daniels, fox 45 news at ten. 33 baltimoree.. police... are lookiig... for this man...../ he's accused... of robbinn... an... 88-year-old womann..//. surveiilance camerass.. caught the man... on video...//. parking ot... on... york road... near... walker avenue...///. police say... he man ...hid behind a car../ then... took... he woman's purse... offfher shoulderr... as... she... got inside her car...///. police... &ppurse... so hard, .../ it... fractured tteewwman's phoulder. 3 fox45... teamss..up... with... the... most popular... crime... & papping website...
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3 ... ttacks... criiinal activity... in... your neiggborhood..../// get... - e--mailss.. whhn crime happens....//.sign up... by... going... ballimore dot com../.clicc... & on.... "spotcrime"... in the "hot topics" section... at... the top of the screen 3 3 3 new information toniggt on the 3& police purssii that left three paycia hoffman was riving a chevy ccbalt with fraternal order of police license plaaes 33 we've learned the car hhd bben reported by stolen by -3 hoffman'ssgrandfatter..... who is a retired harffrd county deputy sheriff. 3 the... massachusetts general ... has... opened an inveetigation... into trade school... that closed without arning..///// warning...////its... -3 a... story... we airedd.. last nightt.. ffrst on fox foxx the... american career institute has hree locations in maryland, .../ pne... in ssuth baltimore....// during... class - weddesday,.../ sttuents... were told... the -3& school was closing.../ and... they should o &phome....//the... companyy.. cited... financial troublee for theeclosing./..
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but.... ssudentt... are furious, ...// and... staff... aree now ...wittout jobs. 3 3 "this bbllcrap, this is bullcrap...." bullcrap...."eeployees teel us they are considering legal action. & 3& we're... just... 2 days away ... froo the ravens... and... roncos.../ 2..... efinate,... hall oo famers... will... meet... for one last time... on saturday... saturday...bruce cunningham &joons us now to hear from peyton manning as he gett ready to face ray lewis for the final time...bruce... bruce....his may be a second &pround ppayoof game, but it's also a cllsh of tte titans... for the last time, peyton battle...ending a long ann historic rivalry... 3 the two old lions have been &pgoéiin at each other for years &pback in 998...they've facee each othhr 11 tiiee, and that 3 ppayoffs...tteir baatles have bben legendary and this ssturday, they'll get after it pone last time..ray is playiig to extdend his career...a loos
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- means it's all over...for his part, anning understands thaat..and is quick to tell youuol, nnmber 52cannstill &pplay... 3 & 3 like his contemporary, cal & ripkee, lewis defied theodds and spent his entire career in a ballimore uniform..ray talks aboiut that, coming up aa 10:50 and 11:30 onsporrs unlimited. 3 ray lewis' jersee has become the n-f-l's #11 elling jersey.... the best part--- outseeling eyton manning. maaning.janice park... tells us ...the buying frenzy... is... off the charrs...// and... -people... are... uyingg.. a lot more than ... justt... jersey's. janice? janice?jeff and jennifer increase...some as much ass700 percent!a lot of ii....thanks
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tooray, i was on a mission, to get at least one do thh ray lewws dance. &p3 there are plenty of impersonators...some re reallyycute ones....but 3 orginial!!ith ray lewis' 3 vennn gear sales....have gotten a super boostt boosst"it's been non top & pinceehe announced he's retiring, phone calls, waakins & internet"everyonn is trying to get thhir ast piece of ray. we'll be lost without him"here -3 at the raven zone in parkville...theyyare feeliig the full ray effect: effect: they are illing orderr for 500 shirts a day...and that's just online.and getting gear is the final ssoo for ppople headed to denver: &pdenver:"wasn't too bad, headed
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-33 with a group, real pumped haha" & but back to that signature & many tried.... tried...."last channe you can't do the dance....yes i will embarass ray leeis you're &prightt 3 bbt oly onn...came out on too: top:"many great vvctories...thanks ray its been a heck of a ride" 3 3 the storr manager sayy bb far, the jersey's areeseeling the best....but the stranggst request....haa been a woman whh wanted to buy he ggass that aa leeis threw on hiisslf.janice park...fox45 &pnews at tee. is... showing ...purple pride... in... plaaoffs..- 3 checkk uu his shot of geraadine thompson... all
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3 3 you can upload photos and videos to us through purpleeat fox baltimore dot com. and you can eee those picturrs on our see tt baltimore dot coo. facebooo ppge aa facebook dot com slash foxxbaltimore click on "inside fox45". 3 maryyand schools...ranked the best innthe counnry by one &pmagazzne...some of the quustionabbe measurements used to rann the at 10-30 onighh 3 stopping gun viooence... &pin the wake oo the newtown -3 school the actions the n-r-a will not supporr......and the are oming together... to support their our cover story in just 15 minutes & 3 but next....more ann - more people being robbed... through scams... n craigs-list.the 3 things you & can avoid trouble... after the break 3 p
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3 should cciy school buu drivers hhae to disclose tiikets issued to school - vehicles by the city's speed and reddlight camera system... city haal tonight..... tonight.....karen parks is live in north baltimore and sayy hunnreds of speeding school bus drrvers just in te past few years.... yearss... the number of sseeding tickkts issued by camera's like this one is quite alaaming.....and has caughh the attention of city officials......and while non of the rrvate operators opposeddaccountability they want to make suue they areenot -3& stuck paying the bill... bill... 3 3 ((ats)baltimore city sshools
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to and from school everyday.... &p(nats))ost offthem are elementary age &pstudents......many have special needs......(29:50)you can just see them flying by you just like they are drivingg 3 in baltimore city.....citt schools own and operate nearly contracted frrm priiate companies like the one owned by craig joynerr....(nats))t issse saaety.... since 2009 - more than 800 speeding tickets were issued to bus drivers traassorting city sttdents. -3 (32:00)what we're establishing with this law is a record off all the citations issued on a qqarterly basis in baltimore ccty o yellow school bus driverss.... tte bill introouced today would make sure the city gets a copy oo all citations issued to schooll &pvehiclessinnluding tickets camerrs its an effort to monitor the safety of a system & facing high demand.(11:53)you
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3 (19:56)there's soomuch demand for drrvers today ii goona be - straight most of the time they need em just like now once they passsall the profiles and drug tests they needdthem that bad.......nn if this bill passes .....private compannis & alls want to make sure they're --3 not ssuck with paying tickets issued to their drivers who have moved on to other city will do their job as far as eeping a lot on that -3 driver then we hhre then again the city omessand intervenes and says no don't hhre that driier we got 5 citations on that driver then maybe we cann stop that driver the whhle idea is to stop that driver unsafe. 3 3 the issue willlgo efore the citt councillfor a final vote... jan 28... &p 3 the "fiscal cliff"...may be behind us.....but connress still hasn't rracheda deal to annapolis...there
10:19 pm
is growingconcern about what that impassecould mean to --3 maryland. republicans on capptol hill wantmassive cuts to government programmin exchange for raising the amount that happens...thousandd of federal eeployees in marylann could be laad off.....ann there coulddbe huge cuts elsewhere. (governor) "we are seeing solid signss f economic recovery in maryland, but all pepublican members of congress arr noo able tt acc with the same sort of balanced approach maryland."the governor will unveil his fiscal 20-14budget pext week. inn.. annapolis../ .state lawmakers... are... closeeto reaching... an... agreement ...on measuress. p to... protect owners... of... pit bulls. bulls.this... - after... a court....decision... p last year.../ declaring.... pit bullss.. "inherently dangerous""..//. the... ruling... has put... landlords... & at... risk of... being & sued...// if...-3 their tenants' ...pit bulls... - attack visitors...//. lawmakers... are... crafting... a bill...// making... the owners... of...
10:20 pm
"all" breeds of dogs... liable... for the actions oftheir pets. (frosh) "they shift the burden to the owner to say 'look you got to show why this isn't your fault and i think that's a better balance." balance."bills... to bb considered... wwuld overturn... the court of pppeals decision. 3 a ... wwrning... ffom... baatimore city police.... - regarding... craigslist...///.&pcraigslist...///.in ... the... past month,.../ seeeral ... people... haae been lured... into... the cityy.../ onny... to... find themselves... staring down... he barrel... of a handgun....// tonight... crime and justice... is... in our newsroom... 3 to explain how... ttess cciminals... are pulling it off. off. 33 it all staats here on -3& craigslist. let's say someone -3 has an iphone hey're interested in selliig. these criminals ... are responding.... saying sure... iid love to buy your iphone... just meet me n souuhwest baltimore. i'll have the money. 3 locatioo... which in mmst cases... hey're not ammliar
10:21 pm
with and whaa do you know. the buyer isn't interested in giving you money.... they just want to ake yours and your & iphonne police say ii's happened numerous timee in southwest balltmore over the - past month or so. in each case a gun has been involved. innolved..922 so far no one has been injured in this 3 we really want to get the word out to the publlc. before you go to buy or sell something just stop take a deep breath and just think about ssme of the tips were offeeing :33 :33keep this in mind... always meet inna public place... a mall... police department -3 don't go alone... it's too riskey..and what ever you doo... don't caary aalot cash. 3 45 3 news at 10 3 3 - 3 3 3 3 3 -3 3--& 3
10:22 pm
3 3 a bussstop brawllcaught & on camera... what makes his and the reason nearby residents feer for their lives. 3 sottin 44:03 "a lot of peoplee are really friggtened right now." now."but next...gun rights... - versus stoppinn un violencee..
10:23 pm
the plans gun advocctes have... toosupportttheer our cover sttry...after the
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vr3 the national rifle ,3 association met with vice pressdent joe biden and his task force today... ...examining what tt do about gun viooence n the wake of the school massacre n newtown newtownthe... p-r-a... didn't like what it heard../. heard..//in a statement....the diiappointed with how little
10:26 pm
this meetinn had to do with how much it ad to doowith an agenda to attack the secoon amendment." & amendment."its the secood dayy - of these meetings......aimmd at new laws, regulations and executive orddrs to curb mass & round can be found. 3 biden says, "aa thh preeident only one life it makes sense and i think we can o a great deel without in anyway imposiig on or impinginn on the rights of seconn amendment uarantees."" guarantees."biddn had a deadline of 1 month...but he -3 confirmed he will present his recommendations to the president this tuesdayhe's expected to proppse a baa on military styye semi-automatic &prifles and background checks out exception....// the... & n-r-a... saidd.. it wiil not support... bans... on... assault iiles.../or... baas... on... higg-capacity magazines 3& a ... city councilman... in utth ... wants a gun ...innevery home...
10:27 pm
homm.... the city has already approved paying ffr faculty at the local school. butt ouncilman neil - sorensen tooo it a step further -- requiring all thrre hundred ann ffrty homes in spring city to have a gun. with some disagreement from the community.... hee decidedly changed the language , making it aarecommendation & for residents to have guns &p3 sorensen says: "to me, it's & gonna be a huge deterrent in home iivassons." invasions."thomas says: "the idea of bringing guus into the school is kind of challenge for me personally becaass we want kids to be safe and sometimes if yoo have a firearm you're creating a problemm" problem.. -3 3 the ordinancc will now go 3 vvte. if it is unaniiously approved, there will be a public hearrng 3 in aryland... more people than ever wanttto buy a gun gunstate police say... that applicatiins to buy a un... jumped... 50 - percent... between 2011 and &p20-12...//.buying a gun in - maryland requires a 7 daa waiting period...when statee police do a baakground check
10:28 pm
3 ...but... a... poll... in nearby vvrggnia... liigt... on the kind of gun &ppolicies... people want to see the survey was ccnducted by quinnipiac unnverssty.50 3 ownership helps proteet people from crime...41 percent ssyyit putt people at rrsk risktheee's a llt of ebatee about what to do99-pprcent of vooers there support packground checks at gun shows. shows.66 perrent support armed officers n every school. schooo.59 percent want aaban on high-capacity magaaines 3 ppo-gun activists will join arms across the country next week. a sign of solidarity to sweeping thhough america. amerrca.gun... owners ...will take... to the streets,.../ gun ranges... and capitols.../ for... national... guu day...///. 3 nothing fires up gun owners like talk of morr gun controll 36:39 "everyone who believes pn the constitutionnshould be outraged." trt=04[mike
10:29 pm
checking out a ggn behind display case]mike horst's pecond mendment 'as is.'[sot pn people being ableeto to eecercise their seconn amendment right to be able firearms and purchase firearms [cnn video on interppay "colorado rrlly" ]gun rights & pdvocates from coast to coost are expected to rally en masse &p48 hourr before barack obama's rally was heed utssde collrado's capitol this eek. &p[[over sound please horst]sot in 44:03 "a lot of peoppe aree really ffightened righttnow." trt=:02[obama, congress, capitol shots]friihtened by what the obama adminstration will do to gun laws -- what he'll either try to frce doww congress's throat or forgg by exxeuuive order.[take graphic 'gundaa"]larryyward -- prggnizzr of the appreciition -event told fox news "if the &pamerican peoppe don't fight secood amendment what he has already done to the first amendment with obamacare -- -3 gut it..."[take sot jason caalaway]sot in 16:05 "we phould hhve the righh to & ppotect ourselves.""rt=03[more horst broll nd firing range broll] mike hhrst, owns a pfiriig range and gun shop -- he plaas to offer free firearms training
10:30 pm
courses on 3 [sot in horst]in 38:45 "gun 3 [sot in horst]sot inn39:11 "we areejust normal, hardworking poeppe and we happen to enjoy fireerms.""rt=:07 3 organizer... larry ward says ...his group ....s... 3 million gun owners. 3 national gun appreciationnday will be held onnsaturday, january 19th 3 3 3 "it was appplling. i was verry very diiappointed." 3 3 a bus stop braall..the surprising people involved.. -3 and the reaaon itt prompting response from four police 3 3 a daycare niggtmmree... whatt a teen was caught on camera & doing o a 2-year--ld. 3
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new at 1030 tonightthe state of aryland earns top hhnors for its ppblic schools. "eduuation week" magazine has ranked our state number one amonggthe nation. 3 but... melinda some... education -3 expeets... question.... the ranking../ .. even... callinggit... "irrelevant." "irrelevvnt." 3 (nats of kids cheering)it's all smiles today at jones elementary school in severna 33 - and the governoo elebrate 3&pthe
10:34 pm
fifth straight year as tops in public educatton. - á13:39::8 "i'm so proud of our parents and our teechers and our students foo once again being recoonized as number one 3 the ranking - comes from education weekly maggzine. - -3 basse on criteria such aa - state funding and investment in schools.... and optionssfor advanced placcmmnt courses.but & some educational experts say other key issues into account. 13:06:12- 13:06:25 "but that is few and ffr betteen. when you look at the entire staae &pfrom kent coonty to prince george's county and baltimooe city and baltimore coonty, we still have ver 65 percent of barely read, write, spell and do matt proficiently."thh center forreducation reform - based in bbthesda - believes our state faalssshort in & academics and parrntal -3 choices. inssead... she says 3 only on funding. 13:06:44-56 "that's not hoo you fix school, you fix schools by raising the bar, by allowing parents to have hoice, by
10:35 pm
allowing teachers to be rewarded ased on their governor o'malley admits... there's still work to do... tt improve grades and graduations rates... and clooe the achievement gaps for inority 16:25:16--11:25:27 "thesee number one rankings are pnapphots... not the end of the work we need to do."still - he says there's pleety oo reason to celebratt.critics - -3 just hope educators won't see for rejecting positive reform. &p13:08:26-37 "the idea of maryland being number one based on money anddacademic experience and all sortt of other invaliddcciteria, really hurts uu."melinda roeder - fox 45 news at ten. 3 this... week,.... the goverror... announced ...more thann...300- million dollars ... in... proposed ...ffr... school construction...// 33 that brings us to our question of the ay.dd you thhnk maryland ccools are he best in the natiin??- nation?alot of skepticism
10:36 pm
about the ranking on ourr facebbok page can join thh discussioo by going to pox baltimorr. 33 a... teenagerr... & who... wws ásupposedá... to be carinn... ffr kids.../ is... & now aaccsed... of... eedaagerrng them....// jeff... abell... shows s ...why... police seem convinced... this... -3 is... ánothingá....short of abuse... abuse... 3 "can we ttlk tt & youu..?" "no, about whaa...." at the home in priice georges county...... there are so many qqestions..... and so few answers..... this home, according to pooiie, is where an & un-licensed day care center had been perating....... anddwhere a two year old -3 allegedly abused. a witness capture the pncident on video. the suspect next to im is thh - two yyar ooddchild and then for no app[arent reason the susppct lashes out with ii &leg and strikes the two yyar old the two year old child falls to the ground." police arrested this pan....19-yeaa old johnathan cummings.....and chhrged him with ssaull and abuse. neighbors say thhy suspected -3 houue because of a high olume - of traffic.....
10:37 pm
but no jjff abell, fox 5, news at 33 the... een... suspect... is... out of jaill../ on... a... 35-thousand dollar -&pbond. 3 convicced... pedophile... jerry sanduskyy.. pwas... back in court today...///.a... hearing was ....sandusky and his attorneys... had... enough time... to prepare for his trial...///. sandusky... isscurrently servingg.. a... 30--to--60... on... 45- counts... of... child sexual &pabuse...///.anduuky... maintains his nnocencee 3 poliie... aree.. rounding up ssssects ... after... a... - fight... ii... caught on cammra... in -3 pennsylvania... 3 3 cell phhne... video... shows - ...a crowd... of rouggly... 60 studeets... and parents.... beating--up... each other..... streees of swiss--vale....// ..they're... reportedly... from the... woodlaad hills... school diitrict.. / there've... been... wo major....fights... near this bus stop.. in just two days../ -3 pitnesses... told police... to... expect ossibly... a... murder attempt...//. police... - ii the area... ////one...
10:38 pm
p woman... who didn't want... to e identified... is... talking about moving.. ""ts very disturbinggand i watched a man be kicke din thee head yesterday." -3 yesterday.""i'm aarrid for mm life. i won't go or a walk annmore", &p3 3 so far,... pollce... made five arrests. - p3 kkller whales trappee under ice near a remooe quebec villlge.....managgd to escape &pto safety oddy. tooay. the family of orcas became trapped in the hudson bay.... by the a fluke in the weatherrthey were lured into wwrm waters..... that later -3& froze.since tuesday.... rrsidents of the village watched at llast 12 whales - hooe slightlyybigger han a piccup truck.finally a break today.... liteeally.waterr where the orras had been -3coming up for air.... and tte &pwinds ssiited vvr niiht..... creating a passageway to the &p3 firefightersscame to the rescue after a bulldog fell through thh ice in denver pond wednesday. the poor guy was
10:39 pm
sttuggling tt stay afloat. a firefighter.. tted to the shoreewiih a rope and wearing a wet suit ... inched hii way ouu there to pull the dog to tail and appeared to be fine. after shaking off, he played around with firefighterss before he was reunited with his owner. p3 3 3
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3 3 the fda is ccacking down they say these drugs are 3 even worse news for baltimore's unemployyd. force is one of the unhhpppest in the entire country. 3 (((on am)))i'm candace dold with your traffic edge report. crews continue to work in briige replacementtproject
10:43 pm
will affect the commute on 83 -3 at middletown road.expect to find lneeclosures from 9am until will also find roadwork on 83 at bblfast road from 9am until 3pm.yoo could use york road instead. (((ess)))i will have up to the minute trafficcconditions for pou tomorrow on fox45 morning news starting at 5am.candace dold fox45 ews at ten
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here you go, breakfast sandwich from dunkin' donuts. what's in it? turkey sausage. turkey what? amazing. dunkin's new turkey sausage breakfast sandwich. surprisingly great sausage taste with under 400 calories. try one today. america runs on dunkin'.
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man: at turbotax, we know this is more than a paycheck. it's long, hard days late nights, and missed little league games. you've worked hard to earn your money. and we think you should have the power to keep as much of it as possible. we have tax experts to answer your questions. we'll back you and support you.
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because a dollar here, a dollar there-- every dollar is more important when it's yours. turbotax-- the power to keep what's yours. try it free at 33 in this economy, you hear people elllng you, "you're & lucky just to have a job."paul &ppessler reports why baltimore has been labeled one of the worst cities to finddwork.... & and it's not just the above- average uneeployment. unemploymeet. 3 20-13 s proving busy foo balttmore employment agency profiles.meryl ratzman, prrfiles recruiter:"and we thess jobs at this time."meryl dialing 10.14.18theejobs are plentiful, according tt career recruiters.merrl: "hi, matt. profiles. wanted to see what pour feedback as and if scheduling interviewssfor early next week..."stephanie ranno, proffles branch manaaer:"we actually have a -3 ssortage of really gooddtalent 3 clients."baltimore, hough, was just named one of the - country's worst cities toofind -3 a job, by stephanie ranno, profiles branch manager:"i was really surprised thht we were on a 'worst' list."the website
10:47 pm
weighs more than just ob openings and opportunity.the study also meassres employee happiness.paul gessler, reporter:"for instance, here innbaltimore, one in ten people is looking for work. -3 that meaas out of the other nine, apparently, those people told researchers, hey just weeen't happy."rosalind - howard, employmeet development &pmaaager:"it's disccncertiig. we know we have employees in baltimore who are desperately trying to find people to fill 3 the citt's mployment nees like r-g steells shutdown is changing the look of job- seekers.rosallnd howard, employment development manager: "we have people who have lltss of work skills. the r.g. steel layoff has dislocatee so many people whoohave 20-30 years work experience. we don't have that steel industryyin baltimore anymore"judy goldman,,proffles recruiier: "our jobs could be anywhere between a top-llvel executivv &all thh way to a marketing coordinator."baltimore's unemploymenttrate s hovering the state and ational averages.juuy oldman, profiles reeruiter:"i think pt's a matter of conneeting the right people ith tte right jobs..happiness, though, apparently is lacking. stephanie anno, rofiles branch manager:"jobs are - there."in baltimore,stephanie: "show your passion. ssow your enthusiasm. show that you wanna learn."paul gessler,
10:48 pm
foxx5 news aa ten. 3 'career bliss' ddt com told s baltimore ranked below the &pnational averages... in oveeall happiness at work and job availability. 3 3 a major change or sleepiig pills..... especially for women. women. 3 3 3& the f-d-a is ordering lowerrdoses of ambien andd other sleeping pills to prevent rrported harmful side effects.rrsearch shows - & morning drowsiness can interfere with drivingg.. 3 accideens.the f-d-a now says a key ingredient in the pills -- zolpidem -- stays in women's bodies lonner.they're ordering drug akers ttocut doses of regular pplls in haaf - to 5 illigrams - for women...and suggest doctors -3 consider lower dosages for men as well. 3 3 dr. manny says: "for alot of patients it's becoming a liitle addictive//they rely on ambien constantll now to go to sleep." sleep." 3 3 3 3 3 about 70 millioo americans
10:49 pm
suffer from chronic sleep problems.last year alone - doctors issued close to 40-million prescriptions, for sleep inducing drugs like ambien. 3 the ravens were missing a few key ,3 pieces in thhir first game manning's take oo facing a healthy baltiiore innsports nllmited... 33 and a spike in smartphonn crime.what you ay be doing with your cell & phone... that could puu you in danger. - p3 bth - armed & hypocriticaa 3 i recently spoke of high- profile people who are compleee hypocrites when it comes to the gun iisue. they should possess firrarms - even even some media -- who laim
10:50 pm
&ppo telllyou the truth - arr among the hypocrites. nbc's media hypocrisy. he mocked the idea of armed guards at schools. but there rr 7 armed guaads at his chillren's school.on meet the press he - broke washinnttn, dc gun laws -3& eeen after dc police enied permission to display a banned 30-round ammo clip.caal rowan was a nationally-syndicated washington post columnist who argued for gun bans and mandatoryyjail sentences. but shooting - with an illegal &phandgun -- a teenager skinny dipping in his pool.the new 33 theename, address aad map of every registered handgun owner in the surrounding area. &pforrer burglars say that ells prooks who they should rob..te newspaper has an armed --3& seeurity force. aad the reporter who wrote the story has a new york city gun permit. as for nbc's david gregorr, jouunalists weet nuts saying he houldn't e prosecuted for breekkng a gun law. their argument? he's not guilty by reason of celebrity.for more on this
10:51 pm
story visit behind the headlines dot net. and follow us on twitter and facebook.iim mark hymaa.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
vr3 whehn the ravens lost to the deever broncos, ii was probably the lowestppint to their was the last of a 3 game deccmber losing - streak, and was played withh lot of backkps in ey positions...that won't be the case this saturday.. saturday.. 3& the ravens were missing four sttrters in the first game., ray lewis, bernard pollard and dannell ellerbe wwre all
10:54 pm
missingfrom the defense, and - marshhll yanda miss the game on the offensive side... &pwithout themm the ravens were slightly ettee thann average...with hem, they'rea strong playofffcontender... 3difference...and peyton manning sounds like he understands that.. 3 3 it's time o announce our high 3 winner...brought tt you by varsity spoots nnewwrk dot com... com...we're staying in the city this week...for oly at eddondson n boos hoops...tune in tomorrow ight for he & highlights... 33 wwat ray lewis says is his greatest achievement in his 17 year career...cominggup at &p11-33 on the late eddtion...
10:55 pm
3 security exxerts have been warning us for years of the potential ffr rise in cell phone cyyer attacks -- but 2013 could be the year it actualll happenss caarie peirce... eeplains why...//- why.../ in... tonnghts... word on the web. 3 smartthones are ow acting as mmbiie waaletss...a convenience that could cost yoo. you. p3research from juniper networks says this year, 300 million smartphones around the world wwll be equipped with near - fieed commmniiation chips - the ones needed to make mobile payments. and even though nfc technology is considered seccre, experts say mmny apps that use it could be full of loopholes --making smartphonns another dangerous trenn is -3 ransomwwre, whiih takes control of your devvceeand data until you pay money. one security firm exxects it to movv frrm ""elebrity vicctms," to regular consumers in 2013. 3 vulnerable? currently, most
10:56 pm
mobile mallare infects ssartphones that un on google's android operating system. but iphone users should beeon alert... apple &pcould see more attacks this pear because hackers kkow wealttier people tend to own apple devices. 3 3 as scary as these pooential attacks may seem -- tte biigest security risk issstiil old fashionee carelessnesss researchers say data is most commonly taken from lost phones or thooe not locked with a password. im carrie peirce aad thats your word on 3 3 "thissis our fooo souuce. this is everything." everything." 3 aacouple fighting o keep thhir garden.... why its turned inno a growing controversy. 3 ...and coming up in just 5 pinutes on the late edition... edition... an alligator onn patrro..the iilegal tash the &pcreaturr was guarding. 3 andda moose on the ittgave skier the scare of his life.
10:57 pm
here you go, breakfast sandwich from dunkin' donuts. what's in it? turkey sausage. turkey what?
10:58 pm
amazing. dunkin's new turkey sausage breakfast sandwich. surprisingly great sausage taste with under 400 calories. try one today. america runs on dunkin'.
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a a couple innorlando has turned their front yard & into a garden -- as they try ann use it as their main source of food to save some money. money. but... in... -3 this.. democracy.../ -3 the... local gov't... says... you... an't do that... that... the... hhlvenson's... transformed ...their lush... front yard... into... a... heallhy... thriiing... "all naturrl"... vegatable garden.../ -3 butt.. that''... city's... zoning

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